Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Lending Paws A Hand! We love to see our rescued cats and dogs go to deserving, loving homes. Therefore, we do not rush to find the first available home, rather we search to find the right home and the right fit for the cat or dog and adopters. While our policy is to have the first rights to return of a previously adopted cat or dog, we wish nothing more than to find the perfect home in the beginning, as a return would mean we failed the pet and people involved. Please understand we will ask questions regarding where our rescue animal will be going including establishing a home visit and a meet and greet to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. For this reason, we only adopt out to the states of NC, SC, and VA. If you are interested in adopting:

    Complete the Adoption Application in its entirety.
    Once we receive the application, all references will be checked, including personal and veterinary references. Please make sure to notify your references that we will be contacting them.
    Following reference check approval, we will schedule a home visit (in-person or virtually). This is an additional step we take to ensure the home is the right fit for our rescue pets. We will then schedule a meet and greet with the potential adopter and their other animals to meet the cat or dog. Please note that if you live outside of a 25 mile radius from the foster, a $20 fee will be required to cover expenses involved with transportation.
    Once the application is approved, arrangements will be made to get the cat or dog to the new home/adopter. An “Adoption Agreement” must then be executed as well as the “Verification of Government Issued Photo Identification”. We are a licensed rescue under the NC Department of Agriculture and the Photo ID is a requirement through their policies.
    Adoption fee will be due at time of transfer of the cat or dog to the adopter unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed.

FEES: $200 for adult dogs, $275 for puppies (under 5 months), $100 for adult cats, and $175 for kittens (under 5 months).
All animals are up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. If the pet is too young, an appointment will be made when they become of age at one of the rescue’s veterinarians and paid at the rescue’s expense. This will require the adopter to coordinate taking the pet to the veterinarian clinic or meeting a LPAH volunteer to ensure all vetting is completed prior to adoption finalization.

Do you think you’re ready to adopt? Fill out an application to get started.

Please note Lending Paws A Hand only adopts/fosters cats to indoor homes, and we do not allow declawing of any cats.