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Our Pets' Story

Lending Paws A Hand has saved many pets in Lee County and surrounding communities. This work would not be possible without the help of Donations, Fosters, and Volunteers. You can help us make a difference. Check out our Lending Paws A Hand alumni rescues on Petfinder to see the animals that have found their forever homes. With your support we can create many more happy tails.

recovery road


At Lending Paws A Hand we care for those that have been forgotten like Moses, who was found malnourished and deserved a chance at a happy and healthy life. He has now found his forever home and is loving life once more!

RollinG Rescue


The wonderful ladies of Rogue Rollergirls team saved this beautiful girl’s life. Georgia was found thin and dirty and at risk of being hit by cars. She is now safe and with the help of vetting costs from donations, she rolled into a happily ever after!

forever home

Tater Tot

This beautiful young boy was rescued from the rural shelter. He was underweight and missing the love and care he needed to be a happy, healthy kitten. He is now spunky, playful, and found his forever home with his foster mom!