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Why Foster?

Lending Paws A Hand operates as a foster based rescue. This means we cannot pull animals from high-kill shelters or save pets from abandonment or neglect cases unless we have fosters to provide a safe environment for them to stay. By fostering for us, you are giving a pet in need a safe place to call home, while they transition to their forever home. You can also be the first to choose if you would like to adopt your foster pet! We rely on fosters to ensure our rescued animals have a chance at a happy future. You can make a difference by fostering part-time or full-time!

Part-time/temporary fosters are always needed when our full-time fosters go out of town for vacation or to hold a pet overnight prior to transportation to another foster or event. Part-time fosters usually commit to about a week or less and greatly help reduce rescue costs associated with keeping a dog or cat in boarding. We also have full-time fosters that provide a home for a pet until their forever home is found. Full-time fosters work on training the animal, taking the animal to vet appointments, participating in adoption events, and promoting their foster pet on social media. We also have full-time fosters in our rescue that are considered hospice case fosters. These fosters take care of senior pets in need of a home to live out the rest of their lives in comfort. Hospice fosters do not attend events or promote their foster for adoption. Rather, they provide a happy life for the foster animal in their senior years.

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Please note Lending Paws A Hand only adopts/fosters cats to indoor homes, and we do not allow declawing of any cats.

Foster FAQ

  • Why Should I Foster?
    Fostering allows a pet the opportunity to adapt to a home setting. Animals who have been neglected or come from a shelter setting can often be overwhelmed. By fostering, you are providing a safe place for them to relax and feel truly loved. Not only does fostering save a pets life, but you give them the chance to recover and provide an opportunity for the rescue to better understand the personality of the pet so the right home can be found.
  • How Much Will Fostering Cost Me?
    Fostering won’t cost you a dime! The rescue pays for everything regarding the care of the animal. The only cost will be your time to take the pet to adoption events, meet and greets for potential adopters, and also help promote the foster pet on social media.
  • How Long Do I Need to Foster an Animal?
    Fostering all depends on your commitment. If you are promoting your foster animal on social media and taking the animal to events, your pet could be adopted out quickly! Lending Paws A Hand is an affiliate with Petfinder and PetSmart Charities which greatly increases our adoption rates. Typically, a foster animal can be with you for just a few weeks or may be with you for several months. Lending Paws A Hand will work with you regarding your time commitment to match you with the right foster. We want fostering to be a great experience and even a short commitment is beneficial for our rescue.

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